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Product demand

Polysorbate 80 for injection

Product description
  ♦This product is manufactured by sorbitan, oleic acid and ethylene oxide, make it polysorbate 80.

Product features:
  ♦Specification meet and more strict than the EP, BP, USP/NF and JP.
  ♦By the use of high purity raw materials, this product can withstand high temperature sterilization, and guarantee the excellent inter-product stability.
  ♦Extremely low in impurity residue, extremely low in peroxide value, low freezing point, almost colorless.
  ♦Hypoallergenic, low irritant, low toxicity, better safety.
  ♦Control the limit of bacterial endotoxin and sterility, make it more suitable for the use of injection requirements.

Product applications
  Preferred, safer and more stable solubilizers for chemical drugs and biological products.